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Today, more than ever, people are facing demanding life challenges. There are uncertainties confronting all of us every single day: finances, relationships, career, family, children, and social pressures. Have you ever thought to yourself, “there has to be more to life” More purpose, a better way, a better life, or even what is God’s true purpose for my life? We are all on a spiritual journey searching for God, love, peace, and especially the truth.

For some this has meant wandering through a wilderness of life. Others, it seems, have achieved a measure of personal, financial, relationship, and social accomplishments. It is our opinion that true success does not happen because of chance, situation, upbringing, society, heritage, or social status. It does not come from what you do or where you work, it doesn't happen if you attend church or if you belong to a specific religious group. Ultimate success can only happen when you have a personal relationship with God, through His only Son Jesus Christ. This ultimate success is free and available to every believer. 

Alpha Faith is dedicated to the broken down, weary, individual looking for something more. More peace, more joy, and more stability in their life. Maybe that’s you. Alpha Faith is about building your spiritual character by increasing your faith. Challenging yourself to find and achieve your God-given purpose. We have assembled great Bible-based practicalities to guide you, a team of friendly people who will pray for you, and a few amazing stories to inspire us all. We invite you to connect with us and build your faith. Your Alpha Faith.


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1 Samuel 12:16 “Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do."

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