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Evangelist Michael Fruci

Michael Fruci is a prophetic evangelist with a passion for bringing people to Jesus Christ. His focus on Intimacy with God is ignited by his desire to see people seek a personal relationship with God and live a radiant life through Jesus Christ.


Michael is a gifted teacher, speaker, and communicator whom the Holy Spirit moves in the prophetic to exhort and encourage the church. Anointed Ministry services usually are highlighted by Gifts of the Spirit, healings, and salvation invitations.


Teachings are biblically based for unbelievers, new believers, and those strong in the Lord seeking great intimacy with God. Current Teachings:

  • An Intricate Unity - How to discover our identity in Christ

  • Memorial Stones – How to establish and measure spiritual growth

  • The Names of God – Who is God and how is He addressed throughout the Bible

  • VICTORIOUS: Winning the Battle for Your Soul – Growth steps for every Believer

  • The Place of Intimacy – The life of 3 people God took to the mountaintop place of intimacy and 3 more He invited there.

  • Generational Curses – What they are and how they are broken

  • Grace Gifts – Romans 12 and our place in the body of Christ


Throughout his life, Michael has a traveled the world seeing first-hand a great spiritual hunger. Whether in India, Europe, or the United States, listeners are invited to experience a mighty outpouring of God's Holy Spirit as they are challenged to develop a deeply intimate relationship with God.


For additional information or to schedule Michael please contact:


Michael Fruci


Alpha Faith


Member of NAE

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